So, you installed a brand new garage door and it looks good to go! You’ve gotten a bank for your buck and it was quite a big but rest assured, now your garage is ready to be used to its fullest. No more worrying about your ‘parked in the street’ car being attacked by robbers and even the kids have a place where they can park their bikes. But is that all? Do you think shelling out a large amount of money is all you needed to do?

No. Not if you want to keep shelling out more and more money on the repair and up gradation work of your garage. To avoid that, you ought to understand what goes into taking good care of the maintenance of the garage and this should sort you out –

Install weather seals – when moisture starts to set in

Columbus does not witness the same whether round the year and to keep garage save from the extra humid days, whether seals come in super handy. As an additional advantage, they also help you conserve energy which takes away from your monthly energy bills.

Reset the opener – when the door does not close or open fully

When the doors start acting funny like opening by themselves or not closing all the way up, try resetting the door opener and see if that fixes anything. Depending on the kind of garage door opener you have installed, it may come with a specific set of instructions for resetting. Typically you should close the door, turn the opener off, unplug it wait for ten seconds, and restart.

Realign garage door sensors – when they stop responding

If you start to face trouble with non-responsive sensors, remember there may be an easy way to fix this. Just reposition them to their original place. They are capable of coming off track and may not work properly when that happens. But remember, it is also necessary that the sensors face each other directly as they work in a pair.

If none of these tips work, or you are facing a different kind of problem, call Columbus Garage Door Experts and we’ll come over at once to get to the bottom of the problem.