When your garage door malfunctions, it requires repair accordingly. This will include undertaking garage door repair to ensure that your doors are back to good working condition. Among the common causes of malfunction are:


After not being in use for some time and suffering from wear, tear and corrosion, the door openers will more often suffer from rust. In this regard, simple cleaning and application of oil and grease might be a solution to the problem. However, where the problem is much bigger, new opener installation may be essential.


The garage is a place where the movement of cars is common. This means that there may be instances when vehicles hit the doors. In such a situation, a garage door replace may be the best option to secure your garage.

Power failure

The control of opener systems of the door is through a power feed. This means that for the doors to open or close the power must be on. If there is failure, the garage door opener assembly parts will fail to function and hence there will be no movement.

Loose screws within the system

An opener operates through a system held in place by screws. Over long periods of usage, the screws get loose and this means that the system will not rotate within the stipulated path. This may make the opener get stuck during the process. This can be easily resolved through garage door opener assembly parts that will fix the system.

Poor handling of the opener

Poor handling of the opener will lead to failure in its functionality. This may result from using techniques such as forcing the door open or disrupting the mechanism while in process. In such an instance, a new opener installation may be ideal to solve the situation.

Using defective models

With many models on the market, the chances of getting counterfeits are high. Therefore, it’s important that when sourcing for garage door repair parts you choose only genuine parts. This is possible if you buy them from recognized dealers or direct from the manufacturers through online shops.


It is important that at all times the garage remains secure. This doesn’t only mean closed, it also means an enhanced opening mechanism. To ensure this is effective at all times, it is important that you undertake adequate garage door replacement when necessary.