Winter comes with many different problems as far as garage doors are concerned. As a home owner, you goal is to keep your garage door running and functioning optimally no matter what season it is. Even though winter makes garage door functioning miserable in many ways, as a garage owner, you can still keep it fit and efficient. Winter comes with stinging cold and snow, both of which can be detrimental to many garage door parts and can be dangerous to the garage door operation, and then to you and your household. Below are some of the Common garage door issues during winters.

Contracting Metal

When temperature drops below a certain threshold, some materials will contract. Metal is one of the materials that react like that, to the cold weather that comes with winter. It is therefore not uncommon to see your garage door screws, springs, and other metallic components shrinking and seizing up during the winter. It is a phenomenon that you can’t keep from occurring, but you can always mitigate its effect by applying more lubricants. Apply lots of garage door oils to the garage door springs, screw drive, and the torsion ball bearings. Make sure the oils don’t get to the tracks though.

Excess Lubricant

Lubrication of the garage door moving parts is a necessity if the door is to continue serving you well. However, too much of the lubricants can lead to garage door problems in all seasons, but can be worse during the winter months, especially in the rollers and tracks which can get out of alignment as a result. Excessive grease can lead to grease build ups that can slow down the garage door and hinder its smooth operation. So if you are often careless with your garage door lubrication, winter is the month to smarten up and apply only the right amount of lubrication.If your garage door opener is not working properly then you can also call experts for garage door opener repair.

Weather Stripping Failure

If water freezes near your closed garage door, the weather seal may stick to the ground. When this happens and the door is raised, the weather stripping might be torn off. It is a common garage door problem in winter that can leave your home poorly insulated. The good news is that this problem can be prevented simply by sweeping away any snow and water puddles near the closed garage door so as to protect the weather stripping.

Thickened and Hardened Grease

The grease harden when the weather is cold. Most lubricating greases are meant to operate in extremely hot conditions. Unfortunately, this lubricant don’t function as effectively in cold weather as it does in hot environment. When grease harden during winter, your garage door performance may be impacted negatively. You can remove the hardened grease with the use of grease solvent and a small brush to work into cracks.

Cold temperatures and winter can put unnecessary strains on garage doors. It is therefore very important for you to be aware of the common problems experienced with garage doors during these cold months. This will help you in preparation in dealing with the problems appropriately when the time comes.

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