The dangers of being careless on Garage Door Spring. Garage doors are our great servants since they secure some of our valuable items in the garage. However, they can be furious masters that can teach us a bitter lesson if left unattended. The last time you opened and closed your garage door may be you noticed that the spring on the door was loose, exposed, and rusty or had some other issue. You may have ignored it (simply because you were in a hurry or the issue did not look that serious) or you may have attempted to fix the problem without any professional assistance.

If that is the case, be aware faulty garage door springs can cause significant damages to properties, theft, injury to persons and even death.

1. Injury to the children and the user Garage door springs have a tensional force that enables the closing and opening of the door. If the spring wears off and cut, it may snap off with a high intensity. In case you were opening the door or children were playing around, you can imagine the dreadful consequences. The spring may cause injury that can lead to the victim being hospitalized.

2. Death The release force of a spring that has snapped off the door is large enough to cause deep cuts and terminal injury. In an extreme scenario, the victim may end up losing his or her life. Even though pets and children are at a greater risk, the garage door user can also die due to careless assumptions and mishandling of faulty door springs.

3. Damage to property The spring can also hit the car’s window screen, side mirror, tires or the sides. The owner has to incur a lot of money to replace the damaged parts.

4. Theft The strength of the garage door depends on its springs, among other parts. If the springs weaken, the whole door also becomes weak. Intruders may find it easy to break into the garage and make away with valuable items. You will use a lot of money to restore the property. If you had been proactive enough to repair or replace the garage door springs, you would not have incurred the risk.

5. Decreases the resale value House buyers pay close attention to the condition of the garage door to ensure that their property will be safe once they settle down. Weak garage door makes the garage vulnerable to theft, produce uncomfortable noise, and pose dangers. Such conditions may make house buyers to shy away from the property. You may have to sell your home at a throwaway price just because you did not pay attention to your garage door springs.

6. High costs of replacement As much as a replacement of door parts is better than repair, constant lubrication and repair of garage door springs increases their lifespan. Lack of constant repair and lubrication may cause the damages and faults in the spring to accumulate. You may have to incur an enormous cost of replacing the springs after only a relatively short period of operation. Now that you are aware of the above dangers of being careless with garage door springs, seek immediate assistance for garage door purchases, repair, installation and lubrication from Columbus Garage Door Experts.