What will you do to protect your home this coming winter season? How about getting your home’s exterior ready for the cold winds, freezing rain, ice and snow that may attack your precious garage? Invest in the right garage door service and you’ll lower energy bills, increase the functionality, safety and aesthetic appeal of this often neglected space.

If you need help preparing for winter’s worst, consider the following garage door tips.

Start by performing a visual inspection of your garage door. Look at the springs, cables and rollers to ensure they’re intact. Any hardware or hinges that show signs of wear and tear needs to be replaced.

Lubricating the hinges, tracks or rollers using the right product helps to prevent the door from getting stuck. Check if the door opens smoothly without any resistance. If anything doesn’t look right, hire a garage door repair service provider to perform an inspection.

Secondly, check the weather stripping for cracks or other forms of damage. If the door is not properly weather stripped, a lot of warmth will be lost. You may have to spend money on insulating your garage door. Sometimes all that is needed is proper cleaning of the weather stripping using a cloth and water and applying a silicon spray between the door panels to prevent frost from building up in between them.

Applying caulk on your garage door, the same way it’s done on windows, is a great step to winterize your garage. It helps to stop heat losses by preventing air leaks through cracks and gaps on your garage door. Remove old caulking before you start applying a new one. It works when the spaces or gaps are not too large.

Daily garage door maintenance is also required to keep it operating smoothly during the winter months. Inspect the garage door as often as you can during the winter season to ensure it’s working properly. Remove any debris or frost that builds up every day.

Securing your garage door is also important as you approach winter. Thieves target more homes during winter when people are out of town. Since garage doors are easy targets for burglars, making sure it’s just as secure as your front door is important. Make sure the locks are in proper working condition. If you feel the need to upgrade your garage door locking system, call in a specialist to install a more secure one.

Wood garage doors need a little more maintenance compared to steel doors. If you have one, check for signs of water damage and warp. Washing the garage door using a mild cleaning agent can also help to remove dirt that may cause additional damage if left to accumulate.

You may also want to consider a new garage door installation as you prepare for the colder winter months. A new installation is important if your current garage door has extensive damage, poor weather stripping and is unlikely to survive the harsh winter weather. Call in an expert to determine if you need garage door repair or a new installation.