Reasons Why Garage Door Sticks When Opening or Closing

When your garage door sticks, it is easy for it to become unglued; however by following some simple steps you can put this problem to an end. The first thing that you require to do in case where your door sticks is simple and basic but they are very important part. First figure out the reason why your door is sticking; It may be because it has frozen up due to cold weather, ice on one the track or the garage door track has bent making the door not to slides up and down… View more 

Why Hire a Professional for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Most people do not think much about their garage door spring repair or garage door opener maintenance until they try to operate them and they fail to do so. Typically, many problems with garage doors occur because of garage door springs. Since these springs operate a lot they are tightly wound and are under a lot of tension…view more

Common Garage Door Issues During Winters

Winter comes with many different problems as far as garage doors are concerned. As a home owner, you goal is to keep your garage door running and functioning optimally no matter what season it is. Even though winter makes garage door functioning miserable in many ways, as a garage owner, you can still keep it fit and efficient…view more