Torsion Springs versus Extension Springs

The initial step in getting your garage door springs replaced or repaired is identifying what type of spring system you own. There are two major spring systems: Extension Springs and Torsion Springs.
Extension Spring Torsion Spring
Torsion springs are situated above the opening of your garage door with springs placed onto a bar. Extension spring units can be found adjacent to the opening of the garage door. It’s vital to recognize whether or not a garage door firm offers service for your requirements.
Spring Repair Best Practices
Every homeowner can attest to how life’s challenges are tossed at you at the worst times. The final thing you desire to occur is have your vehicle stuck in your garage when you require it most, ideally when it’s only been months, days or even weeks after your previous Columbus broken garage door spring repair Service.
Replacing Both Springs
Majority of garage doors have two garage door springs installed simultaneously, when one malfunctions it’s safe to say the other spring’s life expectancy has expired. To save you from future problems, dangerous garage door practices, and spoiling your garage door opener, Columbus Garage Door Experts recommends to substitute both springs. If you’ve had similar tires on your vehicle for a while and one punctures while you’re driving, wouldn’t you substitute them both? It’s extremely vital to correctly maintain equipment like automobiles and garage doors.
Utilizing The Proper Springs
Because garage doors come in all sizes and weights, the correct springs require to be installed to properly balance the garage door. If an expert puts the wrong garage door spring on your garage door, not only will this spoil your garage door unit, but it will make the garage door opener to perform more work than it was meant to do. Columbus Garage Door Experts check their work by doing a balance test.
Safety Inspection
With every garage door spring repair, Columbus Garage Door Experts offers a free safety inspection to ensure all the moving parts and hardware on your garage door are in proper working condition and satisfy safety standards. Because the hardware was installed simultaneously with the garage door springs, it’s possible there are torn mechanical components on your garage door that are in a perilous state. Picture garage door spring failure as a sign of a possibly bigger problem with your garage door. Columbus Garage Door Experts provide a free safety check and keep a safe environment for their clients.

How Much Does Garage Door Spring Repair Cost?

The most popular question asked is, “Okay, so how much is the cost of replacing garage door springs?” For Columbus Garage Door Experts To furnish you an exact price estimate, they would require to know the door’s size, type of springs required(extension or torsion)and weight. Because they carry over 30 different kinds of garage door springs to service all the different kinds of garage doors, they advice that a certified expert takes the correct measurements himself before providing to you an exact price estimate of Garage Door Spring Replacement Columbus.