Broken garage door spring is a common problem that many homeowners face. Garage doors are very important part of your home that impacts on the aesthetic value as well as the monetary value of your home. Thus, it is very important to ensure that your garage door is always in a good condition. Unfortunately, many homeowners will tend to install or repair garage door on their own. This is very dangerous and also comes with several risks. For example, poorly installed garage door puts your family into a risk of incurring injuries while opening or closing the door and also makes it easy for the burglars to access your home. To safeguard the safety and security of your home and property, it is very important to have your garage door installed and when necessary, repaired or replaced by a professional garage door service provider. Some of the services provided by professional garage door service provider include;

  • Garage door spring installation

When installing new garage door, it is very important to have the garage door springs installed by a professional garage door service provider. The professional will inspect the make and the model of the garage door you want to install and recommend the best springs that will prolong the lifespan of your garage door and also make it difficult for the burglars to gain access to your house. In addition, properly installed garage door springs will reduce the risks associated with poorly installed garage doors.

  • Broken garage door spring repair

With time, the garage door spring get worn due to wear and tear, rust and also poor maintenance. Broken garage door springs should be repaired for the safety of your family and also to ensure that your property is safe from thieves. Although many homeowners tend to do garage door springs repair on their own, it is very important to hire reputable garage door services provider. Repairing garage door springs on your own puts your family into risk of incurring injuries and also makes it possible for the burglars to access your home.

  • Garage door spring replacement

Generally, garage doors have a lifespan of around ten thousand cycles. After ten thousand cycles, garage door springs should be replaced. It is very important to hire professional service provider to replace garage door springs.

  • Regular maintenance and inspection

Apart from installation, spring repair and replacement services, garage door professionals offer inspection and regular maintenance services. To avoid breakage and regular replacement, garage door professional will inspect your door to determine if there are parts which require servicing. For example, moving parts require lubrication to lower wear and tear.

  • Free consultations and estimates

Another important service offered by garage door professionals such as the Columbus Garage Door Experts

The professional will listen to your case and help you to decide on the garage door design, model and make that best fits your needs.

When installing, repairing or replacing any part of garage door, always ensure you hire reputable garage door service provider.