Broken garage door springs are a common cause for badly functioning garage doors. If they are old, badly handled or faulty, they can break, leading to stalls with the garage door. However, these are easily replaceable, and are easily available from almost all garage door repair companies in Columbus.

When your garage door spring breaks, it is important not to attempt to fix it yourself. While majority of garage door faults are correctable by the ardent DIY fanatic, it is best to leave broken torsion or extension springs to professional repairers in Columbus. If you still want to do it yourself, then weight the risk carefully before you start, and just as a precaution, ensure your health insurance payments are up to date!

Garage door springs replacement should be in pairs, even if just one is broken. Replacing both will prevent the mismatch between the working of one side versus the other. Repair of garage door springs is a major investment, so naturally you want to make sure you have gotten the best deal on your new springs.

Life cycles and rating

Torsion springs usually have ratings, which can give you an idea of their life cycles. You want to ensure that you get higher cycles springs, which last longer. The springs get their rating at the factory, and on average usually have 10,000 cycles. A cycle refers to a singular instance of opening and closing the garage door.

You can get torsion springs with higher cycles in Columbus, but you should avoid anything lower than 10,000 cycles since these could be recycled springs. Recycling is a good thing, but when it comes to the safety of your garage door and home, the last thing you should invest in is a system whose past owner you do not know anything about. Go for new springs each time.

For an average home expending 4 cycles a day, new 10,000 cycle springs can last 7 or so years, with proper maintenance. Since garage door springs are a long-term investment, you can get more out of your new springs by adding a little extra cash to get higher cycle springs, which last longer. Just adding $50.00 to get 25,000 cycle springs for instance can earn you another 7+ years on your springs, bringing down your average cost per year by over 50%.

Extending the life of your springs

Getting your door serviced and tuned up annually as well as the usual maintenance practices will give you better service for your investment. Lubricate moving parts regularly, including the springs themselves. Also, inspect the balance from time to time. Lighter garage doors stress the springs less, allowing them to last longer.