When your garage door rollers off from its track, put the door on hold and do not operate it anymore. Further use of the door will expose it to more damages and may break down completely. Fixing a door which has rolled off from the track is simple if the door has not broken down. Garage door track repair need the following considerations.

Track inspection

  • Before you embark on anything else, ensure the door track is well anchored on the wall. Mostly the rollers will veer off when the door track is detached from the wall. This makes the track assume a crooked path, which the rollers cannot follow. Check if the track brackets which anchors the loose, if so, using a ratchet or pliers tighten the bracket bolts.
  • Check track for any dent or damages along the track, track dents makes the door go off track. Dents can be repaired by striking using a hammer and straighten them using pliers. Repaired dents should be smoothened along the surface to mitigate wear and tear as the door opens and closes.
  • Tracks with large dents and deformation should be replaced to prevent more damages in future.

Alignment of the tracks

Using a level confirm that the door tracks are properly aligned. The horizontal door tracks should be at an angle at the back of the garage. Door tracks should be of equal height on the heights. Alignment of the roller tracks ensures the door opens and closes without straining.

Track cleaning

Garage door track repair may also be simply by cleaning the track. Dirt accumulation, dust or clogging by grease will cause the door movement veer off from the track. Clogging of the track path makes the door have no space t o slide hence the rollers off from the track. Wrong use of lubricant may be the cause, grease attracts dust and other foreign materials, which combine, and courtesy of the grease they solidify blocking path.

Cleaning of the path includes, wiping using dry piece of cloth, scooping the accumulated dirt or using a solution to dissolve the dirt and then wipe them out to clear the track.

Track lubrication

Spray the rollers top lubricate the door track, this ensures smooth running of the door preventing running off from the track. Take caution of the lubricant, powdered graphite is also a better alternative to the lithium spray. Door lubrication ensures smooth opening and closing of the door. Silicon spray is the best lubricant for door rollers.

Loose door track parts

The door running off from the track may be caused by loose door track, which, cannot withstand the frequent movement of the door as it opens, and closes. Loose hinges, bolts and screws usually cause this.

Check the firmness of the bolts and tighten them using a wrench. A firm door track keeps the track in the right position.

Door handling

When fixing the door track, hold firm the door using a rope to ensure the door does not move. Make sure the garage door opener is separate from the door. Raise the door to make the set of rollers aligned with the problem area. Clamp the door in that position using locking pliers at the bottom of the door. Opens and close the door severally after garage door repair and watch the rollers as the move. Dragging of the rollers, catching of the rollers and noise from the movement indicates the problem is not fully fixed.