When your garage door sticks, it is easy for it to become unglued; however by following some simple steps you can put this problem to an end.

The first thing that you require to do in case where your door sticks is simple and basic but they are very important part. First figure out the reason why your door is sticking; It may be because it has frozen up due to cold weather, ice on one the track or the garage door track has bent making the door not to slides up and down. Whatever that may be causing this, knowing it is the first priority in fixing the garage door that sticks problem. For example if the problem that make your door to stick is because it has frozen all that you need to have is some few cups or pot of warm water that you will pour along the bottom track of the garage door. You will see as the ice melt down instantly, then releasing your garage door from that frozen fortress, making your door work properly as the usual one and protecting your car from bad weather and other elements.

Check the batteries of your garage door remote. This may look so obvious, however you will be surprised that many people look for experts to fix their door and the only problem is the batteries in their remote. The batteries may range from AA to Watch-size, but may be difficult to get in most shops.

If the batteries of your remote are well, pull the red cord that will put off the electricity of your garage door and try to open your garage door manually. The cord hangs very down enough for everyone to reach because it is used for emergencies purpose. If your door can work manually slide your garage door up and start checking on the doors electrical connection that is used to by the opener. Look to see that the opening unit found on the ceiling is plugged in After this, look to ensure that the fuse breaker to the door is not blown. If the fuse is blown off reset it and try opening again. Some times problem can be due to the garage door opener issues.

If still your door sticks even after checking the opener, the electricity and the batteries; this may mean that one of the track is bent making it out of place. Also this is very easy to fix yourself. Use your hand to check any slight twists, bumps or turns. If you find one or more, all you need to do is to slowly and gently knock the dent using a piece of wood and a hammer back to the right shape. Also remember to lubricate your garage door parts to make them works for long time

In sort when your garage door sticks first find out why it is sticking. This may be because of very simple problem. Start looking at the obvious things likes the remote batteries to other things before taking your phone to call Columbus Garage Door Experts or professional then cost you money, time and grief.