The opener is probably the most active part of the garage door as it is involved in every movement of the door. Due to this, it is prone to wear and tear which in the end may make the door stall. Regular maintenance and servicing is meant to ensure that this does not happen.

However, proper installation also plays a significant role in ensuring that the opener does not fail to perform its functions and that it serves you for long. Poorly installed garage door openers are problematic from the onset and they can indirectly cause problems to other components of the door.
New garage door opener installation should not complicate life for you later on and so you should ensure that you get it right by hiring the services of a good company.

There has been a lot of talk on openers but little has been said on the signs that you should look out for in order to know the opener is damaged.
Indications of a damaged opener
the first and obvious sign that the opener is faulty would be when your door fails to open or close. This shows that the opener is damaged especially if you had the door serviced recently. However, the problem may be with a faulty remote or when the batteries are dead. It is important to check this before jumping into the conclusion that the opener is damaged.
Another sign is when your door moves slower than usual. Given the fact that you use the garage every single day, you have probably mastered the speed with which the door opens or closes. If the door appears to be dragging itself then this is an indication that the opener is damaged and if repairs are not done soon the door will probably stall.

An excessively loud door is also an indication that there is a problem with the opener. Garage doors are not completely silent but there is some level of noise that may be beyond what you are used to. This noise is as a result of the opener struggling to open the door.

When the opener functions erratically is an indication that something is wrong with it. An example of this may be when it opens or closes the door without any command from you via the remote or switch. This is very dangerous and you will need your Columbus garage door repair done soon.

When the LED lights that are put on the safety sensor are not lit then this is an indication that the opener may be damaged. The lights are lit at all times when the garage door is in operation to indicate that the safety sensor is working.
The above are just some signs that the opener may be faulty but there are plenty more which a technician can be able to identify during regular maintenance and servicing. This goes to show the importance of having the door checked regularly. In fact the inconveniences caused by a jammed door can be avoided if the opener problems are detected and repaired early. For any opener servicing in Columbus, contact Columbus Garage Door Experts to ensure that you never have to worry about a jammed garage door.