Are you having problems with you garage door springs? Well, here is the necessary procedure to follow during replacement. But before carrying out any task, you should ensure that you are well protected by wearing hand gloves, overalls and even goggles so as to protect your eyes. You should also make sure you have all the required tools and the required spare parts before commencing so that you may not have any difficulties of leaving the structure safely and going to search for relevant tools.

1. You should start by releasing the torsion on the broken garage door spring repair so as to be able to remove and disassemble the lift drum and shaft. You should use a ratcheting box- end wrench to effectively loosen the screws. After the screws are loosened, they will generate a great force so you should push the rod against the direction of the force yet to be generated. In case some of the screws are too rough to fit into the box-end wrench, you can use an open-end wrench. When releasing the set-screws, you should ensure that you loosen them enough so as to let the cone swing around.

2. You should use a chalk and draw a line down the length of the old spring in case it is not marked before unwinding it so as to know how many turns you made unwinding it. This will give you the number of turns for the new spring. A turn, in this case, means a full winding cone revolution. For a full turn to take place, it requires four quarter turn manipulation of switching and inserting the winding rod. The most challenging task is usually tightening or loosening the set-screws as the end wrench will seriously injure you in case you slip. When the wrench is removed and the rod remains at the same place, the torsion shaft captures the spring mass cones reliability on the shaft. This will, therefore, prevent the various parts from triggering themselves as bullets.

3. Unwind one rod until it reaches its end as it will be pressed by the door. Insert the next rod in the other socket and after this, you are now in a position to remove the first rod and continue. While winding and unwinding, you should be careful as the spring could easily break during the process and this will definitely lead to the winding bar becoming unbalanced and the bar making an unexpected jump and injuring your hand any anything else close to it. After the torsion is removed from the old spring, you can now go on with the reassembly.

4. Unbolt the bearing plates and remove the drums. By this, you are now able to run springs down to the shaft ends so as to remove and replace the springs. This will save you the need of having to balance a long, heavy and wobbly shaft while climbing up and down the ladder. This is because most situations allow you to replace the springs without the need of entirely reassembling it from the wall.
This will make your garage door be in good conditions as before

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